Lafayette Skate Park - Lafayette, CO

111 W. Baseline Road
Lafayette, CO 80026

Size:  n/a
Lights:  Yes
Pads Required:    No
Bikes Permitted:    Yes
Built By:   Team Pain
Link:   Team Pain
Google Map:    Click For Map Rating:   8/10

Like It?:   


The Good:  Best concrete in the world? This place and another Team Pain built C. Springs Memorial definitely have to be up there..It's a bit slippy but soooo smooth, fast and fun to skate.  If you are used to Denver at all the "slip" shouldn’t bother you too much..  As far as layout goes there is a giant pool bowl, a nice little 5 foot or so flow bowl, some random street features / platforms / stairs, a small 2 ft. bowl section and a main flow section.  There's a lot of odds and ends here for the size of the park which is pretty big but not enourmous.   
The Bad:  Flow area can be a real mess with scooter-kids, skaters, mountain biking dads and bikers all competing for the same section.  On a crowded weekend day this is a disaster waiting to happen.  I guess that's what I don’t like about a park designed with a flow section.  People with any sort of skill-level and no knowledge of skate park ediquette can just roll on in at their leasure and on a Sunday at this places they sure-as-shit do.  At least with a traditional bowl you have to drop-in which generally lends to people taking turns one at a time.  Flow sections are just a free-for-all and at a lot of parks out here..a total mess.  I think this is the case with Lafayette..

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