Santa Cruz Skate Park - Santa Cruz, CA

225 San Lorenzo Blvd
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Size:  15,000 sq. ft.
Lights:  No
Pads Required:    No
Bikes Permitted:    Yes
Built By:   n/a
Google Map:    Click For Map Rating:   8/10

Like It?:   


Great park! Similar in concrete and coloring to San Jose's Roosevelt Park so it was probably built around the same time.  When I first pulled up I was initally disappointed because I thought it was gonna be bigger and parking in the area sucks, but I came to realize that this park kicks-ass and the setup is actually brillant.  Its built in layers with all the bowls on the top level, high above the street course so when you are skating a bowl, you are less likely to have some stray board fly into the bowl.  There is a main bowl that includes a full-pipe and a peanut bowl.  The bowls are all pool coping except for the little bowl down by the street course.  
Santa Cruz has some characters just walk around this place for a half hour or so for some laughs.  
BTW, if you visit the Santa Cruz beach, remember to put money in the meter, I got a $45 parking ticket on a Sunday a few minutes after my meter expired.   

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