Fairplay Skate Park - Fairplay, CO

1190 Bullet Road
Fairplay, CO 80440

Size:  7,500 sq. ft.
Lights:  No
Pads Required:    No
Bikes Permitted:    No
Built By:   Grindline
Google Map:    Click For Map
COSkate.com Rating:   6/10

Like It?:   


Huge bowl, pool coping, great skate scene for a small mtn town.  I will say to be careful in this thing, it does have some weird lines and its big so if you go too nuts you can easily end up pretty busted up… Anyway, Fairplay (also known as South Park for those people not from CO) is a cool little town, and a good break from the city in the summer with cool mountain air when the Front Range is cooking.  Its worth the trip and there's a ton of great camping and fishing all around this area.  Also, remember bikes are not allowed.

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