Lake Cunningham Skatepark - San Jose, CA

2305 S White Rd
San Jose, CA 95148

Size:  68,000 sq. ft.
Lights:  Yes - Check Schedule Online!
Pads Required:    Yes
Bikes Permitted:    Yes
Built By:   California Skateparks
Link:   California Skateparks
Google Map:    Click For Map Rating:   10/10

Like It?:   


One of the largest parks in the nation at more than 68,000 square feet of concrete.  There are some really good bowls in here and the concrete is top-notch.  I have been finding that a lot of the parks in the Nor Cal area look good online but when it comes down to it, they have worn-out, shitty concrete.  This park does not.  It was built in 2008 so its still nice and smooth.  
As far as street goes there's not too many features here, its mostly a bowls/transitions. The full-pipe ride is pretty fun and there are some super gnarly bowls with plenty of pool coping if you are into that.
It doesn’t seem like Lake Cunningham would get too crowded because of the location (its on the outskirts of San Jose), and the pay to skate fee, but it's hard to say from just one visit. PADS ARE REQUIRED so plan on that.  They rent them there and it cost me $5 to skate and $5 for pads because I didn’t bring my helmet.  It's a pretty legendary park with some of the locals being Steve Cab and Christian Hosoi so its just one of those places that you should check out if you are in the area.   
Make sure you check the city website  for hours, regulations and pricing:

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